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Ritualistic Divan

The Ritualistic Divan is tasked with putting on the degree to introduce new novices (candidates) to the symbolism of the Shriners. Shriners International was formerly known as the Ancient Arabic Order of Nobles of the Mystic Shrine and that moniker still feels apropos when talking about our ritual.  It conjures up images of the Middle East and possible adventures in the desert with curved swords and lavish outfits.


The Ritualisic Divan was organized in 1954 under the title "Ceremonial Cast." We wear colorful costumes and tell the story of the Shriners in meaningful ways for those who join our organization. The original ritual was written by Dr. Walter M. Fleming, one of the founders of the Shriners, and is followed by every temple. 


All Shriners are welcome to be a part of our unit. We have speaking and non-speaking parts and even a couple that involve gongs and fire! 


For more information or to join email:

Illustrious Ronnie Mullins, P.P., Director

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