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Camel Herders

Stable No. 46

Camel Herders Stable No. 46 was established in the Spring of 1954 with the cooperation and support of Stable 45 at Al Koran Temple in Cleveland, OH. As such, the Camel Herders is one of Kena Shriners' oldest units. The Herd’s first Ceremonial was held in 1954, under the direction of Illustrious Sir Orville Rush. 37 Herders were installed and the unit was off and running.


The purpose of the Camel Herders is to:

  • Acquaint and enlighten newly created nobles with the aims and goals of the Shriners.

  • Usher, process, guide and mentor the novices during ceremonials so that they can successfully negotiate the difficult Hot Sands.

  • Assist the Potentate, further the cause of Kena Shriners, and provide opportunities for fraternal and social activities.

The Herd's two camels, Humphrey and Camile, participate in all temple parades and, upon request, are displayed at other Kena functions. The major social function for the Herd is the Annual Christmas Party held on the first Friday of December. It is open to all Kena nobles and their families.


The Herd meets the third Tuesday of every month to socialize and conduct business. Dinner begins at 6:30 p.m. The business meeting begins at 7 p.m. Ladies play a big role in Herd activities. At least four potlucks are held during the year. A summer outing with families is also scheduled when possible.

For more information or to join, email:

Noble Scott Johnson, Chief of the Herd

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