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Kena 500

The Kena 500 is a unit of motorized mini corvettes. We currently have 22 cars and participate in over 25 events annually. In addition, we support the Potentate in all temple functions.

The Kena 500 regularly competes in The Mid Atlantic Shrine Association Motor Corps event (MASA), and when members are available, in the South Atlantic Shrine Association (SASA) and Imperial Session (international Shriners convention).


We are a close knit group and have potluck dinners with our ladies approximately four times a year. We also love to get together at the various temple activities throughout the year.


Kena 500 is a very active unit and we encourage any noble to join in our fun and brotherhood.


Our monthly meetings are on the first Thursday at 7:30 p.m. 

For more information or to join email:

Noble Ian A. Smith, President

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