Kena Shriners Hiram's Oasis

Welcome to the World's Largest and oldest collection of Masonic clip-art, graphics, logos, artwork, images, pictures, and thousands of text files with story's information and facts about Freemasons anywhere on the Internet! Near 10,000 in all!

Most of these files were made available by and are here in memory of Noble Preston Burner who put 10 years into collecting these files on a BBS (Bulletin Board System) that he ran from the basement of his home in Vienna Virginia from 1987 though 1997. The Kena Computer Club and the founder of Hiram's Oasis, Preston E. Burner passed away on May 10, 2000 Here>>

Happy 27th birthday to Hiram's Oasis & Kena Computer Club!! It was this month (November, 2014) In 1987 Hiram's began and has been a source of Masonic light for all these years.

Hiram's Oasis receives near 20,000 visitors, and 100,000 pages views per year. Thousands of files are downloaded.

March 17, 2014. Website has been moved to a new server, most files are stored in Google Drive.

online since 10-25-99

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