Shriners International links

Shriners Hospitals for Children®, Be a Shriner now, Shriners Village and more...

Shriners Hospitals Facebook

Shriners Hospitals for Children (Love to the rescue)

Shriners International (Imperial Shrine headquarters. Tampa Florida)

Mid-Atlantic Shrine Association (MSA)

Be A Shriner Now (Start your journey as a Shriner. Is there a Shriner in you?)

Shriners Village (A private web community for Shriners)

Shriners Temples (Location of all Shrine Temples around the World)

Shriners Hospitals for Children Open (Shriners Golf)

East West Shrine Game (The East-West Shrine Game® is the longest running college all-star game in the country)

Kena Shriners links

Specific to Kena Shriners

Kena Shriners Facebook Page (Kena's Facebook page won first place in a 2013 competition out of all of the other Shrine Temples)

Shrine Awareness Ride 2001 (awareness-rideHistoric motorcycle ride in order to bring further public awareness of our Shriners Hospitals for Children)

Hiram's Oasis (The World's LARGEST and oldest collection of Masonic clip-art, graphics, logos, artwork, images, pictures, and thousands of text files with story's information and facts about Freemasons anywhere on the Internet!)

Masonic Appendant Bodies links

Masonic organizations, Grand Lodge of Va, Scottish Rite, and more...

Grand Lodge of Virginia (The Mission of the Grand Lodge of Virginia is to teach and perpetuate a way of life that promotes the Brotherhood of Man under the Fatherhood of God and to assist Lodges to grow and prosper. Grand Lodge of Virginia Ancient, Free and Accepted Masons.)

Scottish Rite (Promotes Masonic education through our Scottish Rite degrees, programs and lectures. Alexandria, Va.)

Knights Templar Commandery Virginia (The Knights Templar is an international philanthropic chivalric order affiliated with Freemasonry. Unlike the initial degrees conferred in a Masonic Lodge, which only require a belief in a Supreme Being regardless of religious affiliation, the Knights Templar is one of several additional Masonic Orders in which membership is open only to Freemasons who profess a belief in the Christian religion.)

Royal Arch Virginia (The Virginia Capitular Degrees are a set of 6 degrees controlled by the Grand Royal Arch Chapter of Virginia. They center on the construction phases of Solomon's Temple, with the exception of the degree of Past Master, hence the title of Capitular. All Chapter business is conducted in a Royal Arch Chapter, the other degrees being only opened for the conferral of degrees. The Cryptic degrees were incorporated and cronologically reordered with the Capitular Degrees.)

Masonic Related links

Various Masonic related

The Masonic Benefit Fund (The Masonic Benefit Fund is a 501(c)(8) IRS registered non-profit origination which was established in 1925, and is intended to provide a fund to defray funeral expenses and give widows and orphans immediate needed monetary relief. It is comparable to a "sunshine" or "goodwill" fund, that is, it is funded by members to give relief to the families of deceased members of the Fund at a time when the need is great)

Virginia Masonic Information Net (To stay informed of Masonic events in Virginia you will want to scribed to the Notify ListServ)

George Washington Masonic National Memorial (The George Washington Masonic National Memorial is more than a colossal memorial and museum. It is a tourist attraction and destination; research center and library; community center; performing arts center and concert hall; banquet and celebration site; and meeting site for local and countless visiting Masonic lodges and organizations)

Women Masonic Organizations links

Masonic organizations for women

Virginia Order of the Amaranth (Is a social, fraternal, and charitable organization whose membership is open to both men and women with a Masonic affiliation)

Virginia Order of the Eastern Star (A fundamental principle of membership is an obligation to aid and assist fellow members in time of need. Secret signs and other methods of identifying ourselves are used to recognize one another in maintaining our charitable efforts)

Ladies of the Oriental Shrine (Ladies support the Shrine’s official philanthropy)

Youth Masonic Organizations links

Masonic organizations for young men and women

Virginia DeMolay (The Order of DeMolay has helped millions of young men prepare for the approaching years of manhood. DeMolay uses hands on experiences with timeless principles to encourage Integrity, leadership, patriotism, brotherhood and many other important traits)

Virginia Jobs's Daughters (Job's Daughters teaches leadership, teamwork, public speaking, self-confidence, philanthropy, respect, and responsibility. Is an organization for young women between the ages of 10 and 20 years old)

Virginia Rainbow for Girls (Rainbow strives to give girls from ages 6 to 20 the tools, training, and encouragement to let their individual spirits shine bright. By providing members with a safe, fun, caring environment where responsible, older girls can interact and mentor younger girls through family involvement)