Registration: 12 p.m.

Bags fly at 1 p.m.

TWO Levels:

Social and Competitive

Air Mail side game for cash prize!

Raffle tickets for chance to win entry.

Raffle winner will get 1 bag to throw into Air Mailbox.

If the bag makes it in, winner receives percentage of the pot.

Price: $30 per person


Commemorative t-shirt, food, alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages

and entry into either tournament

To register, complete form below.

Rules of Play

Kena Shriners Kornhole Rules

I. Eligibility

A. Players may only participate on one Doubles team.

II. The Game

A. Tournament format will be Double Elimination (may change, based off total registrations).

B. The game shall be played between two teams of two players each. To start the game, a team must have two players present. Once tournament play has started, there are no substitutions.

C. Each Cornhole platform will be 27 feet from the front of the opposing platform.

D. Each player lines up on the same side as his/her opponent, and each player gets 4 bags to toss. Player’s alternate throws until all bags have been thrown.

E. Each game is played to 21 points. A team may go over 21 points and still win the game.

III. Scoring

A. Each bag thrown on the board receives one point. Each bag thrown in the hole receives 3 points. From there, cancellation scoring is used—the team accumulating the most points in a round will receive that many points minus the number of points his/her opponent achieved for that round.

B. Example: If Team A scores 5 points and Team B scores 3 points, Team A would receive a total of 2 points for that round.

IV. Other Rules and Special Circumstances

A. At no point can a thrower release a bag from in front of the front edge of the platform. If this is done, a foot fault will be called, and the throw will be cancelled, with no re-throw allowed.

B. A thrown bag cannot hit the ground in front of the platform and “bounce on.” This bag will be removed from play and not counted for any points.

C. If a bag falls short and is on the ground in front of the board, it must be removed before the next bag is thrown.

D. No changing bags once game play has started.

E. Tiebreaker: If a game is tied at 21 points, play will continue normally until one team achieves more points than the opposing team. A team does not have to win by 2.

F. Distractions or any attempt made to unsettle the thrower are not allowed.

G. No game will last more than 20 minutes. After 20 minutes has passed, the team with the highest score will win.

H. Any rules not explicitly covered here will default to official ACL rules.

Sponsorships are available.

Questions? Contact James C. Love, V for more information.