Quotes from Nobles (members) of Kena Shriners as to what their membership in Shriners International, and supporting the Shriners Hospitals for children® means to them. Understand what Shrinedom is to men just like you, they live it each and every day! The only better way is to experience the "Worlds Greatest Philanthropy" yourself, is to be one!

When I became a Kena Shriner in 1999

I had no idea of the significant impact this organization would have on the well-being and health of my family. In addition to the years of fellowship within Kena and my unit, the Hillbillys, I drove a number of patients to their appointments at the Shriners Hospital in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. So I had a good sense of what our hospitals do, and in late 2010, we learned that our granddaughter Alexis, then age 12, had an acute scoliosis condition (a 45-degree curve). In March 2011, she underwent a successful 8-hour posterior spinal fusion surgery (two long titanium rods with 24 screws) by Dr. Arner Samdani, and was entered into the Hospital's long-term follow-up study program. Alexis made a quick recovery, and with Dr. Samdani's okay, she soon became a cheerleader for her middle school. And in July, just 4 months after her surgery, Alexis was crowned Miss Teen of the Orange County Fair for 2011. By far, she had the most perfect erect posture of all the contestants! I am so proud of being a Kena Shriner.

Noble Skip, Member of Kena Shriners

I became a Shriner to help little kids with medical need.

As someone who has lost their health many times and all most died twice I final realized that I needed to get busy doing God's work.

In 2004 when I became a proud Master Masons I wrote why on a MIT website which is still there today- http://web.mit.edu/dryfoo/www/Masonry/Why_Joined/sub76.html

You see I went into a coma and thought I was going to die from kidney failure. My wife and family where saying good bye to me as they tried to slow down my heart. Then out of the blue a really nice Doctor came up to me and said son I am hear to save your life and you will be ok. Thank you Dr. Assaffii for saving my life so I could love my family for many more years and help other people!

It really comes down to helping other people in need - it could be a friend, family, or even a stranger who just needs a hand. As a Shriner I able to drive little kids to Philly and watch their faces smiles as they now have someone to help them. Not to mention the great group of good Christian men I have met on the way. Lord willing I am looking forward in spending the next 15 years helping to drive those kids so they can start out life without pain or limitations.

It's not important what we say as it is in what we do!

Noble Larry, Member of Kena Shriners

Why I am a Shriner

Not only all the support that Shriners give to the various Shrine Hospitals, but the things we do in our locale...Watching the faces of the children while we parade down a street...it brings joy to the both myself and the children. hearing a stranger say "oh you're a Shriner....my dad was a Shriner/Mason".. Then there's the brotherhood....everyone is family.....That's some of why I have been a Shriner for more than 4 decades.

Noble Ron, Member of Kena Shriners

"No Man Stands So Tall As When He Stoops To Help A Child!" Be a Shriner Now!

BeAShrinerNow.com is an excellent website created by Shriners International about being a Shriner with several videos and other very useful information.