2022 Kena Golf Club Schedule



  • Note tee times for each event. Times vary due to season negotiated rates and events.

  • All golf outings will have shotgun tee time starts.

  • Best ball only on first drive. Closest to pin on the 4 par threes.

  • Longest drive for juniors and seniors (over 75).

To sign up, plase RSVP no later than one week prior to the outing:

John Kjerland, 703-581-7338

What you need to know...

Listed below are some administrative, logistical, and financial information that needs/requires the support of the Kena Shrine Golf Club members, associates, guests, and friends.

Kena Shriners Golf Club Outing Coordinator:

John Kjerlund

(703) 581-7338

John will receive all signups to play golf, assign starting hole numbers for shotgun starts, develop the line-up for each golf outing for groups and individuals. John will be at the registration table for each outing for fees (cash or check) and hole numbers prior to tee-off along with Kirk Lang.

First, as many of you are aware, all golf courses have increased their daily green fees due to higher fuel, labor, and maintenance costs. John will let you know what the cost is when you sign up - generally $55-65.

Second, we have maintained the annual dues for Kena Golf Club members and associates at $10 for 2022. Dues are used for postage, prizes, food, and other administrative costs. Therefore, get your dues in as soon as possible so that we know you are alive, well, still have money, and plan to again golf with your fellow Shriners, associates, and guests from April through October. We will accept 2022 dues at our events., etc.

Third, some of the golf courses require, in writing, a deposit in advance and a firm number of golfers one week in advance for planning purposes for our shotgun tee times. PLEASE advise John as far in advance as possible. Encourage your friends, associates, and companions, and others to join with you. Yes, we will always have openings for anyone who decides they can attend at the last minute (hopefully, you can advise the day prior).

Fourth, again this year, we will have two distinct scoring systems for our “wonderful prizes” presented during the season. That is, one scoring competition of low gross and the fewest number of putts for golfers 74 years and younger, and the same low gross and fewest number of putts for golfers 75 years and beyond. The prizes we have awarded in the past can be equally shared between the two groups. We will still maintain prizes for closest to the pin on par 3s, long drives, and 50-50.

Fifth, it is requested that each golf club member and associate advise of any changes in your address, telephone number, or email as soon as possible. In case of inclement weather, we will attempt to notify each golfer. However, in cases of inclement weather at our location, do not give up-contact the golf course for the status of play. Do not assume the scheduled match will be canceled or postponed. Remember the attrition clause! The telephone number of each course is listed in the attached schedule. NOTE: Do not call John’s home phone number as he will be at the course rain or shine for each outing.